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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Studio service available


Cincinnati, Ohio 03/30/2011

Jim and Patti Mason have launched OnlineSongMasters.Com, a full service recording studio with a twist- all recording can be done online, making it affordable and accessible to just about everyone.

This is not synthesizer or midi; it's real people playing real instruments. The internet simply functions as an interface between the OnlineSongMasters.Com staff and their clients, allowing the customer access to some of the best studio talent in the world.

A full staff of gifted and experienced studio musicians and engineers can do any studio job from adding a flute to your song to producing a radio ready opus: written, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered to your specifications.

OnlineSongMasters.Com is a full service online recording studio that provides all studio services- from one track to a full production-to songwriters, musicians or anyone who wishes to leave a musical legacy.
OnlineSongMasters.Com is a privately owned LLC headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio; with musicians and engineers worldwide.

For more information: call: Patti Wenstrup Mason: 513-235-9534
email: PattiMason@OnlineSongMasters.Com

Patti Wenstrup Mason


(NIBGA does not have any knowledge of this service other than this message.)

NIBGA Board Minutes March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011 Meeting of Northern Indiana Bluegrass Association at Southwest Conservation Club, 5703 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46809

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Winger at 12:55 P.M.
Officers present were:                             Board Directors:
President - Jim Winger T.J. Collins
Vice President - Joe Steiner Paul Saurborn
Secretary - Barbara Collins
Treasurer - Linda Winger
Board director Pam Keiper in Texas, could not be reached by phone.
Others present were Chris Cooperrider - Taxi Chair/ Special Activities chair, Sue Saurborn, Tonia Bacon & Carolyn Bacon
    Minutes of last meeting:
  • Minutes of the February meeting were e-mailed to each officer by Sect. Barbara Collins on Feb 21. Paul Saurborn motioned to accept. Joe Steiner second. All approve. Motion carried.
  • Treasurer Reports:
  • February Financial reports were e-mailed to each officer by Treasurer - Linda Winger in March. The report was reviewed at the meeting. T.J. Collins motioned to accept. Paul Saurborn second. All approve. Motion carried. 
  • Information Items:
  • NIBGA Taxes due May. 
  • Old Business:
  • 501c3 investigation:  Chris C. / Joe S. report the subject has been revisited and they are taking action. There are three choices on how to approach this subject. Joe Steiner recommends we continue research. Further investigation of the Proxy method as a legitimate procedure.
  • Band Updates: Joe Steiner/Band chairman.  All bands are hired. Schedule is set. Ready to go!
  • Workshops: Chris Cooperrider. Workshops and directors are scheduled. Ready for spring. 
  • For Taxi service during the festival, use Phone number (260)302-1555. This is a Kendallville number.
  • Advertising: Jim Winger.  News Sun. We will continue and pay fee if ad sales are under $1,500.
  • Radio Stations: - Nothing committed. Jim passed out information sheets for Radio station adds with THUNDER Country WTHD/105.5 Lagrange, IN.; Country WLZZ/104.5 Bryan, O.; and WBET/99.3 Sturgis, MI.  The Fort Wayne market very expensive. T.J. Collins motioned to go with advertisements with the three stations listed above. (WTHD, WLZZ & WBET) Joe Steiner second. All approve. Motion carried.
  • Joe Steiner will update band web pages with our link. Encourage people to go to the Facebook. 
  • Facebook / Search - Tri-State
  • Suggested reminder; Collect email addresses from attendees at the festivals. 
  • New Business:
  • Review on memberships;  Who needs paid memberships and who is included in family membership. Two adults per family membership. No limit on children 15 and under. One newsletter per household address. Two tickets per family membership. 
  • Discussion on list of Complimentary newsletters & Canadian mailings. Should we only do e-mails. Decided: Continue as is. Suggest emails but do not restrict to just emails. 
  • Golf Carts for festival. Six seater not available, will be using two four seaters. Chris has a golf cart 'Google Voice number' for Taxi phone number:  260-302-1555. Golf cart price is the same. Delivery price up a little. 
  • Port-a-Jon: Cost is the same. Delivery service price is up a little. 
  • Festival fliers - 5,000 printed with Memorial & Labor Day on front and Memorial schedule on the back.
  • TABLE --- for April.  Should we attend IBMA fall 2011? If so - who? Joe S. will check with Dan Hayes on  Open IBMA Board spots, IBMA cost and such. Joe recommends that NIBGA remain visible at IBMA. Wise to keep our relationship.
  • No expenses to approve. 
Paul Saurborn motioned to adjourn. T.J. Collins second. All approve. Meeting adjourned at 2:05PM

Submitted by NIBGA Secretary - Barbara Collins

Next board meeting/Jam Sunday April 17, 2011. This is the last meeting of the winter and the last before the Tri-state festival.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Joe Taylor - 89

Joe Taylor and the Red Birds was a local country band who played from 1948 to 1998.  For you oldies, they were on the WOWO Little Red Barn every Sat when I was a kid.

Joe and Patty Corbat resided at the Scared Heart Nursing home in Avilla, IN where NIBGA bands have played  on Fridays of the festivals. Many of the bands who played there will remember Joe as a person who loved to talk with them.

Story here although they remove the link after a few days.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Remington Ryde signs Greg Moore

Remington Ryde signs Greg Moore on fiddle. Greg is one of the hottest fiddle players in the country. He has played with The Wilwood Valley Boys, Dave Evans, James King, and just recently got off board from Jr. Sisk & Ramblers Choice. Welcome aboard Greg! Fans be sure to welcome Greg at the upcoming shows!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We have received this information from bluegrass people in Japan.
We, B.O.M. ,are OK but I'm worrying about University of Tohoku in Sendai where lots of college kids are playing bluegrass. Sendai City is one of the hot bed of bluegrass in Japan.

Saburo "Sab Watanabe" Inoue

(Sab served on the IBMA board representing the International community. Living in Japan he is the publisher of Moonshine magazine, a bluegrass and old music (B.O.M.) publication. He is a founding member of the legendary Bluegrass 45 band. 
A video of a Sendai bluegrass band is at YouTube has several bluegrass videos from Sendai. Search on Sendai bluegrass. J.W.)

Update March 19
Thanks for your following.
It's been a week since the tsunami hit.  We find the bluegrass kids in Tohoku Univ is OK.


Thanks a lot for your email. Fortunately, my family is all safe. The earthquake did cause damage, like extensive liquefaction in the area I live but no Tsunami hit the area.
My heart breaks whenever I see the scenes of the hard-hit areas, but I can't turn the TV off. I hope I can pick together with all of my great friends of NIBGA again.
Junichi Sakai

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carlton Haney died

Bluegrass impresario Carlton Haney, a promoter and booking agent who helped popularize the music by spearheading the bluegrass festival phenomenon, died Wednesday afternoon in Greensboro, N.C. A member of the International Bluegrass Music Association Hall of Fame, Haney was 82 years old.
Haney served as a booking agent for Bill Monroe & the Blue Grass Boys from 1953-55, and as booking agent and manager for Don Reno, Red Smiley & The Tennessee Cut-Ups from 1955-64. As a festival promoter, he worked with practically every big name in bluegrass music beginning in 1965, when he organized what he called the “Blue Grass Festival” on a horse farm in Fincastle, Va.
That “Blue Grass” (Haney preferred the two-word phrase rather than the now-common “bluegrass” because Monroe’s band was called the Blue Grass Boys) festival featured Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Mac Wiseman, Doc Watson, the Stanley Brothers and many more, and it was successful enough to spawn hundreds of other bluegrass festivals. Those festivals were a major shot in the arm for bluegrass, as they provided a means by which fans could hear a bevy of top acts in one weekend and often interact with musicians in informal “pickin’ sessions.”

Friday, March 11, 2011

Steve Martin - Rare Bird Alert

Renaissance man Steve Martin returns to his musical passion – bluegrass – with a new album of all original songs, backed by the Steep Canyon Rangers. Rare Bird Alert is the follow up to 2009's Grammy¨ winning The Crow and features precise picking, delightful melodies, and well constructed lyrics , the hallmarks of Martin’s musical pursuits. Special guests, Paul McCartney and the Dixie Chicks lend their vocal talents, respectively, to “Best Love” and “You”.

Rounder Records Release

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake

Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand

You may not have been aware of us as a bluegrass/alt country band or even aware that we are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, we are sure you have heard of the city that we live in and love, as it has been in the news lately as a result of a destructive earthquake last Tuesday 22nd February. Many, many lives have been lost, many families are shattered, the city is without key infrastrcture and there is a long road ahead to recovery. The material loss suffered by some band members pales in comparison to the loss of family, friends, livelihood and property experienced by others.

Amongst it all, stories of heroism, bravery and a real sense of a united community are surfacing. Everyone is helping others out without asking for reward or recognition. This is a very humbling experience and reminds us why we love this city and this country.

As part of the rescue efforts we have received help and support from all around the world and as part of the process of rebuilding we need your help.

The easiest way to help is via donations to the newly set up New Zealand government donation page at  Any amount is appreciated.

May we also ask that you mention our city and its plight at any upcoming performances you may have to ensure this message is spread as far as possible.

Thank you


Sean Whitaker
The Johnny Possum Band

Johnny Possum appeared in Kendallville Labor Day weekend 2007. They parked in the infield and created a youtube video of one of their songs.