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Thursday, November 03, 2011

NIBGA Board meeting minutes Oct. 16, 2011

Meeting of Northern Indiana Bluegrass Association - October 16, 2011
at Southwest Conservation Club, Bluffton Rd., Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Ÿ         The meeting was called to order by President Jim Winger at 12:45 P.M.
Officers Present:
Board Directors:
President Jim Winger
TJ Collins
Vice President Joe Steiner
Pam Keiper
Secretary Barb Collins
Paul Saurborn
Treasurer Linda Winger

Others in attendance: Al & Leslie Ellis, Chris Cooperrider, Jeanette Young, Dave Keiper, Sue Saurborn, Carolyn Bacon, & Tonia Bacon.
  • The Aug. 28 and Sept. 1 meeting minutes were e-mailed to officers by Secretary Barbara Collins on 9/13/11.  Paul S. motioned to accept the minutes. Joe S. second. All approve. Motion carried.
  • The Aug. and Sept. Financial Reports were e-mailed to all officers in early Oct. by Treasurer Linda Winger. The reports were reviewed. Pam K. motioned to accept the reports. Paul S. second.  All approve. Motion carried.
  •  A Memorial donation was given to NIBGA in memory of Eldon “Whitey” Leitch. It was agreed it would be designated to the ‘Kids Korner’ craft activities at the festivals.
  • TABLE: Emergency festival procedures handout, until Mar/April meeting.
  • TABLE: 501C3 What should we do? Who will do it? Cost? Estimated time to complete? Chris C. will investigate our potential filing costs. It was agreed that this should be a priority item this winter.
  • The board reviewed and discussed the details of the Labor Day Festival report. The tally is still preliminary as of 10-10-11 as some bills have not been received.
  •  Jim W. reviewed Festival History, attendance and income. Attendance is down about 40% since 2008. General discussion agreed it was very much economy related. The board needs to carefully examine all aspects of the festival.
  • TABLE:  We will review the Festival expenses focusing on all items at the next meeting on November 20th. Can we reduce expenses without effecting the festival?
  • The board had a lengthy discussion on the use of Shoe Taps/No Shoe Taps on the dance floor at the festivals. There have been complaints and comments both ways. Some say it is distracting while others enjoy the taps. The board has taking this matter seriously.

    NIBGA encourages dancing, which has been going on for years, we don’t want the attendees at the stage area to be annoyed by loud noise. The quality of tap dancing can vary. Some bands at the festival and from a later survey conducted by Joe S. commented that taps distracts their rhythm.

    The board doesn’t want to impose another rule, but we want to try to ensure the best possible concert experience for all attendees.  With this objective, the options of "taps allowed" or “dancing encouraged but no taps please” were considered. Also discussed was any noise making item would be strongly discouraged.

    Paul S. motioned prohibit shoe taps, out of respect for other audience members.  This is consistent with our sign at the stage stating: “Quiet.  Please respect our artists.”  TJ C. second. All approve. Motion carried. An article will be in an upcoming newsletter about this discussion and the decision.
  •  NIBGA & the Noble Co. Fair board have received letters and e-mails regarding poor power on the track. What should we do? Estimate cost for additional electric on track for 8 circuits are: temporary $400 each use, permanent $1,500-2,000.  There was much discussion on this subject. There is a lack of funds to install electric. It is doubtful that the fair board has funding. Jim will reply to the complaint letter.
  •  Merchandise report is not complete, an inventory needs to be taken. Pam & Dave K., Paul & Sue S., Chris C. & Joe S. will stop at Wingers after the meeting and assist in inventorying the merchandise.
  • Determine 2012 Festival budgets starting with the major category, band budget, so Joe S. can begin hiring bands. To cut expenses it was suggested a cut in the Sat or Sun. schedule times.  Paul S. motioned to cut one Sun. band and adjust the times. Joe S. seconded, All approve. Motion carried.
  •  Paul S. motioned to use $15,000 as a target amount per festival with a cap of $20,000. TJ C. second. All approve. Motion carried.
  • TABLE: Band flavor for 2012; national, regional, local, entertainment value, old timely, bluegrass, etc.
  • Repeat major Friday Workshops? Pam K. motioned to continue with Major Friday workshops. Joe S. second. All approve. Motion carried. Next meeting decide which day, Friday or Sunday, who will lead, and other details.
  • TABLE: The remaining topics were tabled for a future meeting: Golf Carts, Port-a-Jons, Taxi service, advertising, Web, review grounds rental and utility usage, festival ticket pricing for 2012, Vendors Hold harmless clause
  • Annual Evernote fee, $45; Evernote is used to post flyers on our web page. There were 123 in 2010 and 184 in 2011. This generated 1,784 page views. Pam K. motioned to approve, Joe S. second, All approve. Motion carried.
  • Paul S. motioned to adjourn. Pam K. second. All approve. Motion carried.
Meeting ended 2:55 PM, next board meeting, November 20, 2011 @ South West Conservation Club.
Sincerely; NIBGA Secretary – Barbara Collins

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