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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NIBGA Board Meeting April 19, 2009

South West Conservation Club, Ft. Wayne, IN.

Meeting called to order by Pres. Jim Winger at 3:05 PM
Roll call:
Pres. Jim Winger
V. Pres. Sandy Carnes
Sect. Barbara Collins
Treas. Linda Winger
Board Directors:
T.J. Collins
Joe Wyandt
Pam Keiper
Paul Saurborn
Joe Steiner - Band Committee chair
Chris Cooperrider -
Leslie Ellis - Associate Gate Captain

Secretary's report
for the 3/15/09 meeting by Barb Collins.
Additions and corrections approved.
Motion to accept by Paul S. Second by Sandy C.
All approve. Motion carried.

Treasurers report
by Linda W. March financial report
Motion to accept by Sandy C. Second by Paul S.
All approve. Motion carried.



  • Advertising - 13,000 impressions with ads in college newspapers. Each ad has a different discount when presented at the gate. This will allow tracking.

    • Trine Collage Ad published 4/2 & 4/16. 5,000 impressions

    • IPFW Collage. Our inserts will go in to their newsletter the next two weeks. 8,000 impressions

  • T-shirts have been ordered. Colors are Military Olive, Pink, Paprika. Delivery 5/15/09

  • Port-a-jons are ordered. Cost of pumping trailers still $10.00. May need port-a-jons pumped more this year because of the having less jons available on the grounds. RV pumping is Weds, Thurs, Fri afternoons, Sat AM, Mon 7a

  • Security:

    • Thursday 4-9p

    • Friday 6p-midnight

    • Saturday noon-2a, depending on need they may leave earlier.

  • Tonia Bacon: Tonia is checking into other college publications to determine circulation & advertising cost. Tonia has contacted a few Collages and they prefer not doing the adds this late in the school year. They would possibly be interested in the 09/10 school year she said.

  • 2008 Club tax filing – Leslie Ellis will do them.

  • Old Time Dance – Chris C. Pending for Fall 09.

  • Wash & Wax stage. The wash and wax job is planned for Sunday 5/16 or Monday 5/17. Depending on the weather. Paul S. will bring his power washer.

  • Pres. Jim Winger got a grant from 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union. This will be used for Nursing Home shows in 2009. James Creek Road scheduled for Sacred Heart in Avilla Friday 5/22.

  • Vendors- Sandy C. says "No Hot Dog man". T.J. & Joe can park a bus in that spot with a 50 amp. Plug in. Other vendors expected to show up. Woman & Man offering to come in and sell beef before Thursday, May 21. Sandy will investigate further. They must have a Federal permit and meat must be inspected. Charge them 10% vendor fee. There will be a Catamaran salesman.

  • There will 'not' be a BINGO with the white elephant items or craft class on Friday. Sandy T. has a wedding and will not be at the festival.

  • Need postings on:

    • and other bluegrass sites

  • Grandstand electric lights – It was advised to not lock the electric box because of liability reasons. The new plan is to remove the breaker.

  • Workshops on Sat were lined up then Carefree was lined up and canceled. Dave Vogie is getting new instructors.

  • Extended Banjo workshop - Kent Roe will teach 1-3p at the Log Cabin on May 23. Charge is $10

  • Pres. Jim W. gave a report on the TAM program that was at South Side Elementary School, Kendallville on Thursday April 16, 2009. Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike did this school informational show. It was said that they put on a very good show and the children responded very well. The House Concert at Wingers on Saturday 4/18 was also a huge success. 34 attended. They sang, played music, and visited. Even had some good food I hear.

  • 2009-2010 NIBGA Meeting Location. It was voted by the board to continue holding the meetings and jam session at South West Conservation Club, Ft. Wayne, IN. Motion to do so by Paul S. Seconded by T.J. Collins. All say yes. Motion carried.

  • Due to no meetings during the summer months the board divides up the work of addressing and stamping the newsletters.

    • May 15 – all at festival

    • June 21 – Barb & T.J. Collins

    • July 19 – Pam Keiper

    • August 16 – Paul Saurborn

    • September 20 - Joe Wyandt

  • NCCFC is maintaining the grounds and Rest Rooms until May 19.

  • Devotions on Sunday May 24, 2009 will again be Rev. Al Wingfield – Concordia Theological Seminary.

  • Cheri & Joe Frantz have confirmed they will be doing the rest rooms during the festival.

  • There are no Showcase bands scheduled for the Thursday evening festival show.

  • The colors of the stickers for cars and campers for S09/F09 was reviewed. Some color changes were required. Vendors need to be different colors spring & fall.

  • Chris Cooperrider is the chairman of the 4-seater Taxis (golf carts) She will oversee the schedule of who drives when. Taxi schedule during the festival is:

    • Thursday 5/21 – 4:00 p.m. until after the show.

    • Friday 5/22 – 6:00 p.m. until after the show.

    • Saturday 5/23 – 10:00 a.m. until after the show.

    • Sunday 5/24 – 10:00 a.m. until after the show.

  • There will be two aerial sprayings of the Gypsy Moth at the Kendallville Fairgrounds. Don Moore said that it will be completed prior to our arrival.

  • May 17 1p, NIBGA Board officers dinner. Wingers will buy the meat. Dave Keiper will cook the meat. Others will bring dishes to share.

  • Estimated arrival dates of the board officers, at the fairgrounds, for the S09 festival.

    • Wingers -- 5/13

    • Carnes – 5/15

    • Collins – 5/14 or 5/15

    • Keipers – 5/13

    • Saurborn – 5/14

    • Wyandt – 5/13

    • Steiner/Cooperrider – 5/21

    • Ellis – 5/15

    Approval of expenses

    Motion to adjourn
    Pam Keiper. Second by Paul Saurborn. Adjourned 4:25

    NIBGA Secretary Barbara Collins

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gypsy Moth infestation at fairgrounds

Moth sacks are all over the fairgrounds. They will probably hatch April 23-30. You must spray one week after the hatch. Worst case scenario is hatching April 30, spraying the first time on May 7 and the 2nd spray on May 12. It all depends on the larvae and when they decide to hatch along with weather conditions.
We're cutting it really close to your arrival. I asked them about my Bluegrass campers being there? They said, "We are going to bust bxxt to get it done before May 12"
They can't spray in June because they'll already be turned into Gypsy Moths. I asked them about people being in there during spraying and they said they have to get everyone out of the Fairgrounds before they spray and spraying will take place in the very early morning hours while the winds are down.
Don Moore - NCCFC
(Do not arrive prior to May 15 without the latest update from or 260-432-4485)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling all Bluegrass & Country Musicians!

We are a holding a large event in Poland, IN (Near Terre Haute) called the Good Ole’ Days on May 9th.

There will be 600+ attending this event. We have a fairly popular Bluegrass band that volunteered to play throughout the day. We will have a hay wagon set up as a stage. The band is requesting other acoustic players or bands to join them. If you or other musicians in the community that play bluegrass or county are interested in playing, please take a look at the attached flyer.

There will also be a lot of horses and covered wagons at this event from around Indiana.

Scott Tieken 812-585-7939

Laurel Music Festival, Aug. 28-30, Looking for Talent

Laurel, Indiana over the last year has been making drastic changes to improve the quality of life for its resident’s; the town board of laurel is leading the way. They have recently taken action to purchase land for the purpose of attracting new business. They have taken steps to clean up the town and they are in the process of building a professional web site for the town. These are big steps and the board needs to be applauded for their efforts.

A new committee has been formed to focus on the youth of Laurel. The Laurel Youth Council has dedicated itself to making a better life for the children of Laurel. Their first project is a Playground. There’s a huge need for this because there is no play ground for the kids. Can you imagine being a kid and not having a place to play? This is something for a town with a population of 570; this just can’t happen. The youth are the hope and the future of any small town; we need to give the youth a chance. A chance to learn how to work together. A chance to learn how to be a positive part of a community and most of all how to have fun. “Deana Wilson said that when she was a small child she could remember the town having street Fairs and Friday night street dances and places to play and have fun. We want this back”

The Laurel Youth Council has taken steps to start making the future bright for the children. The Laurel Music Festival is a three day event with the purpose of this festival being to raise funds for the youth of Laurel. The youth have not had a park of any kind in the town for decades. We feel that it’s time to change that. The goal is to raise funds to purchase land and playground equipment.

The festival is going to be held August 28-30 and the tentative breakdown of the events is as follows. Friday night on stage will be bands playing country and southern rock. And providing food for the evening will be the Laurel Fire Department with a fish dinner at the fire house.

Saturday we start off the day with the flea market starting at 9am and continuing throughout the afternoon. The music of choice for the day is Bluegrass with many local bands playing. Throughout the day there will be many events going on such as corn whole tournament, hog calling contest, talent show solo competition and at 4:30 there will be an old fashion hog roast. Music ending on Saturday night at 10:30pm.

Sunday there will be a sunrise old fashion church service at the Laurel feeder Dam With the flea market continuing at 9am and a car show cruse in at 10am in town. Gospel and Bluegrass music will be heard from 11 to 3.

Different areas that we are looking for volunteers for are Promotion, scheduling, food, security, clean up, set up and much more. We need your help keep it going. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer both in public and behind the scenes. Laurel is still part of the Franklin county community and The Laurel Youth Council says it’s time to put community first and change lives one child at a time. If interested in taking part in this event, weather it’s a band looking to play or an individual looking to volunteer you can call Brian@ 765-647-0200 or email Thank you!

Summer gas price forecast

The federal government says gasoline prices are expected to stay relatively low. The Energy Information Administration on April 14 said:

Regular-grade gasoline retail prices, which averaged $3.81 per gallon last summer, are projected to average $2.23 per gallon during the current driving season. The monthly average gasoline price is expected to peak at about $2.30 per gallon late this summer.

Diesel fuel prices, which averaged $4.37 per gallon last summer, are projected to average $2.27 this summer. However, because short-term prices can be quite volatile, weekly prices will be higher (or lower) than the monthly average. In addition, if consumption turns out to be greater than projected in this Outlook, there could be increases in the monthly price averages.

Let's go to a festival!

Patchwork Band – Barkin’ Up The Right Tree

Patchwork, a west Michigan band, has a new CD. They performed at the 2006 Memorial festival in Kendallville.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bringing bluegrass back to Dayton

Rock Island Plow Company is interviewed and talks about the Bluegrass scene in Dayton, OH. Mentioned is their upcoming performance at Tri-State over 2009 Memorial weekend.

Bela Fleck And Toumani Diabate: Banjo Roots

Bela discusses the history of the banjo on NPR radio.

McCOY GRASS – The Best Is Yet To Come

McCoy Grass with sisters Kelly (age 16) and Katelyn McCoy (age 13) from Fairborn, Ohio has released a new CD, The Best Is Yet To Come. The group performed in the NIBGA showcase room at IBMA in Nashville Sept. 29, 2008. Beverly McCoy, the mom, is the newsletter editor of the OKI Bluegrass club based in Dayton, OH.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Kendallville Chamber Membership

NIBGA has renewed its membership in the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce. NIBGA has been a member since 2003. We are proud to support the Noble County community.